Monday, December 1, 2014

After 2 years!

Hey guys! After 2 years, I've finally decided to write something. Inspired while walking out in the cold thinking that I've actually own a pretty dead blog by now here haha. So this is me two years later, 

Just in case you ever forget how I looked like. In fact, took this picture this afternoon so yeah. 

I still remember my last post was thinking about my future. & woooalah! Two years later, here I am already finished my first year medical school in Moscow,Russia & currently in second year. On a side note, my Russian language is still pretty bad which I really need to improve on. Other than that, life has been great. Oh, not to forget the freezing -32 degrees I've experienced last year.  

What else what else? 

While everyone is excited about the festive season coming up. Christmas, winter, snow & everything. I'm pretty much nerding all day everyday because of my finals. Pretty much a bummer. Plus Russian Christmas isn't exactly on 25th Dec so yeah. & ohhh! 

Here's a pretty picture of me & my anatomy lecturer. Super dedicated & wonderful lecturer I've ever met. Just so you know, the system here is pretty screwed up most of the time. So if you get a great lecturer, thank God for that!! 

& of course, I can never forget myMoscow fam bam here. Humans which I've been through ups & downs with. 

This is us, the first year innocent I don't know anything so cute to bully faces. Haha. Sadly some of them left the course already so yeah :( During my first year, I stayed in the hostel which I've already paid for. Then now second year, I'm renting an apartment with another 3 more housemates. 

Here's a picture of my beautiful roomie, which is also my senior hehe. :) 

& those upcoming pictures are all from the deepavali event which was taken place few weeks back. 

Most annoying Vyvyan Chew. I'm taller than her. Only that night I was shorter haha. 

Part of the faces that I see everyday haha. 

These are my Namibian friends that came to support my performance that night. Except Jolyn, the one on my right. She's a Malaysian. :D 

These are the people I performed with. Oh, the two specky guy behind are my housemates so yeah. 2 girls 2 boys under one roof. So thankful for having a great & crazy housemates like them. :) 

Aside from Kayley, the most right. The rest of the pretty girls are the one that I spend the most time with. Since we're all the same group, going through same shits & stuff like that you get the idea haha. 

I guess that's all for now. I've commitment issues. I'll try to update as much as I can. 

Whoever reading this, love you guys after two years. Still here reading my crap haha. Anyway, really appreciate it. :) feel free to leave some love on the comment box too! :) 

Lots of love, 
Van. :) 




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