Thursday, December 4, 2014

Snow flake month!

White winter snowflakes as my background. Super winter sonata-ish. 

Hey guys! I'm back with another update. *clap hands so proud of myself. 

It started snowing here yesterday. I was very excited during this time of the month, last year but not anymore. I guess after going through the cold harsh winter for a year I'm finally over it haha. Nope, not even excited anymore. 

I guess this year onwards my perspective towards December/Christmas will start to change because my finals falls on December!! So freaking bummer. :( my life has been pretty much revolving with class tests, nerding until the semester is over. 

Ps: I guess the reason why I'm even here now is because I'm so sick of books & words already. 

& yesterday I did a little bit of shopping. Bought two pairs of shoes. A winter boots & a "go walk" for the spring/summer time. Since they're on sales, & the deals are pretty good so why not right? ;) 

Discovered this Caremel donut from Starbucks the other day. Tasted so good! & peppermint tea at this time of the month is perfect! & yeah, recently camping there so much mainly is to study because I get so distracted if I stay at home. 

Yup, that's my eyeballs & a white pile of snow. Definitely can't wait for Christmas, but also kinda not excited sitting for finals. Wish me luck human! :D 

Lots of love,
Van :) 

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