Saturday, May 5, 2012

Need a little more luck?


Good day readers! :)

So I thought I should,& I would blog a little before I wrap up my day. That guiltiness of knowing that I wouldn't have the time to blog next week is kind of creeping me up already. I apologize for that first. These few days,or basically throughout the week,I find it so hard to smile. I don't know why. The thought of exam is coming is freaking me out a lot. Like seriously. I felt not prepared at all,literally. & I've been getting headaches a lot this week too. It doesn't feel like me anyhow,like sit down & spent good few hours studying.

I know,after my three weeks semester break,it's the beginning of Semester two. More headaches are kicking in. Then I decide,I couldn't let lose anymore,it doesn't feel right. So,I guess I have to spend most of my time before/after classes in the library. Before I die in both my final important exams AS & A2. D: Right now,the thought of standing between holding on & giving up is terrible enough,& I shouldn't even think about it. I know. It's been 5 long months. I remembered how my seniors used to tell me it's going to be a fun journey. & some even:" wait til you come to college,you'll know" kind of thing. Oh well,I feel each & every words right now. Not so much of the fun journey I'd say. When you're talking about exam stress.

I swear,I didn't thought of ranting & boring you readers with my exam stress. I was initially planning to type about what I've been up to lately. But I guess what's really going is only - stress. Oh my God,that's my life right now what to do? :( & btw,I know this is getting crappier & crappier. Thank you for even wasting your time reading this pointless little thing.

& I've really got lots to tell you guys. Really. But currently I am having one of those days. Full of thoughts but I just couldn't express them out with proper sentences. With that,I shall just continue keeping it within myself til I know how to finally blog them out. & you people really gotta give me some luck & support for next week's exam. I am kind of dying already. I know,it's so hard to even do well in your first exam. When I find it my mind is still taking time to get used to everything. I know,I know I am like super slow in adapting. D: 

Hopefully. Just hopefully til the next time I set foot here to blog,I'll sound more cheerful. Which I am pretty confident I will because by then,it's my holiday & the end of Semester one. No biggie deal,but still. Meanwhile,take care everyone! :)

Vanessa :)

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