Friday, May 11, 2012

Back for some updates.


Good day readers! :D

Finally,I am back. Like,after so long. It's been a week already & I miss my blog & all my readers so much. Fighting the urge & temptation not to blog was probably the toughest thing to do throughout the week. I am so excited to be back,are you? :)

Anyways,I just finished my first semester exam yesterday. It was a boom. Seriously. I'd never want to go back to college to face my horrible,terrible vegetable result. Homg. :( Kill me on the spot right now. But brighter note,I am currently having my semester break. Time flies,there goes first semester. On holidays for three weeks. I don't have anything in mind to do but one thing for sure,I am stressing up so much with studies that I have no choice but to include studying in my schedule. That's so sad I know. Btw,I also know that I promised in my previous entry saying I'll be much cheerful when I am back. So yeah,I should try my best not to rant & be emo about things,okay? :P


Lucky or what I don't know. But was placed to sit right in front during exam. Yes,yes! Go ahead & spot my lucky sitting right over there. 


Taken during second day of the exam after sitting for Chemistry paper two. Realised the fact that whenever I am stuck with a question,I'll stare hard at the board as though it'll pop out answers that I want. Very funny I know. :( 


& here's my only few hours of sleep face throughout the week. It was kinda torturing. Having burning eyes & sleepy face all the time. Plus I couldn't think straight during exam. Oh well,I gotta learn my lesson & shouldn't do that anymore. I am so last minute for this term's exam. Fact is,I am really not prepared. & I too find myself adapting too slow. Still taking my own sweet time to get used to everything. But now it's like what? Holy crap,May for goodness sake. You're dead Vanessa if you don't buck up during semester two. :(


My all time favourite snack that fought through with me during my exam. Eating this like 24/7 throughout the week. Champion,likeaboss! :B


Home baked Hokkaido cupcakes. Trust me,this thing is freaking yum to the myyy. :DD


Homemade chocolate banana layered cake.

As you can see,I am having good food throughout the week. You guys don't even have to worry about me not eating well like back then during SPM. I caught myself getting hungry so fast most of the time cause I was torturing my brain by studying. Hence,the amount of food intake. Today,I went on the weighing machine,thought I would get a heart attack cause I might gain weight like a pig. Thankfully,my weight still remained the same. Uhhgoood,relieved. 46kg baby! I gotta maintain & keep myself in shape for the year end ballet exam.


This picture was snapped because I want to remind myself I am getting fat & that I should really start controlling myself before my appetite getting way out of my hands. Look at those fat thighs & tummy. So unbearable. Plus,one week off from ballet classes. Honestly,I felt so bloated throughout the week that I for once,missing the dancing studio & wanting to go back to dance off my fats. :(


Here are my mini juniors having their ballet class. They are wonderful bunch of kids. Helped out my ballet teacher last week to replace these kids,I taught them new exercises. Expected them to forget everything when they are back but homg,what really touched me so much was they remember everything I taught them when my ballet teacher came back to conduct the class this week. Proud of myself & proud of them. :')

& to end this post of mine,I shall insert a few random shots I've taken this week,





I guess that's about it for this post. Just to inform you guys that I am finally back & putting up some updates for all my readers. I'll try to come up with more posts soon throughout my break. Right now,what I've been up to is studying,doing notes,read my storybooks (favourite of all),put more effort in ballet classes because exam registration is coming soon & not to forget,tuition classes. :3 

Til the next time,take care everyone. <3

Vanessa :) 


  1. koko crunch!! my all time favourite too! but too expensive! TT

  2. Happy holidays(!) and those mini juniors of yours are so adorable (: