Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Make a wish for this brand new month.


Good day readers! & Happy Labour Day everyone. & also my first post for the brand new month. Wishing all my readers had a great day. No matter you went out or stay at home,so as long you get enough rest during one of the weekdays like this I am sure that's the best thing ever right? :D for me,it actually is. :3

Today I spent my time with my parents. Yes,I know. Me being the most 'stickiest' child among my sisters,I love to spend time with my parents. We went lunch together & did some groceries shopping. Kepong Tesco Village Mall was filled with humans today. Personally,I didn't like the idea of going to crowded places but for the sake of stocking up some food,I have to. :P How can you say no when it comes to food right?

Besides,I'd also figured out that my semester break is coming in two weeks time. (totally ignoring my first semester exam which is next week, :O) I decided to invest my money in some good books. Thought I should read more during my holiday. It's as long as three weeks. What not,joy? :D & to make me happier,I got the second purchase in 50%. Serious shit,how can this not be a good deal? Sometimes I wonder why am I not born in the States? :( It's pretty upsetting when it comes to books. The government should lower down the prices of books to encourage more people to read. Look at overseas,a few pounds they can get the books I've wanted for like what? At least 40 Ringgit Malaysia. D: Saddening,I would say.


For a book lover like me,no price is too expensive to invest. Just saying. HAHAHA! But that's true. Maybe I should do some books haul in the future. My cupboard is filled with my precious books instead of college reading materials. I am a huge fans of collecting books. If that make sense. I'd always wanted a mini library & that's gonna be in my future home. :) As much as I love reading them,I take good care of them so to be honest,all my books are in good conditions. & I barely borrow any of them to my friends. Unless,close friends. But that depends because they are too precious. :P 

& I thought of getting those three Hunger Game books. Kinda regretted I didn't got them. It's about 70 + bucks if I am not mistaken. It's actually a very good deal compared to getting one which costs about 40 bucks. Anyone out there has those three already? Let me know if you enjoyed reading? Convince me that I am missing out the most interesting thing in life. :P I might fly back to the nearest bookstore to purchase them. So hard to resist I am telling you,but I didn't know why I didn't got them. Wait,I do. Cause I didn't bring my own money along. 

Ps: Personally,I spent my own pocket money wisely. Aside from buying food,I don't mind spending most of my pocket money on storybooks. Seriously. I mean,that's the best thing you can do with your money wisely right? Like,killing time plus,improving your language. I don't see any disadvantages from reading. Aside,chopping off more trees. D: but I really really love the feeling of stepping into the bookstores,the smell of the books. Heaven. :D crazy,no? Excuse that.

Enough rambling with my love towards books. :P


My eldest sister just came back from Bangkok,& she got me that dark blue polka dot bag. Love it a lot. Now aside from going out with my Kipling,I have another collection over here too! YAY! :D Oh btw,I'd wished to visit Bangkok one day & shop like mad. I am sure all of you know how cheap things are over there. It's just heaven! :DD drooling already. D:

Last but not least,before I leave. Recently I've just joined this competition organised by Digi. If you guys don't mind,kindly please vote for me everyday? :) Everyone is only allowed to vote once per day. That's really a very huge favour from all you. & I really appreciate it. Deadline will be on the 13th of May. So hurry up! Spread the words & vote for me! :D Clicky click this link right over here. Thanks.

& btw,before I forget. I am working on with some song covers already,so just stay tuned. Love you guys & take care. Time to study hard for semester exam already. :O wish me luck? ;)

Vanessa :)

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