Monday, April 16, 2012

#1: First vlogging is up!


Just in case you still miss a picture of me. :B Anyways,this video was taken right after I came back from college. So yeah. Oh btw,you've gotta excuse those eyebags too! Hadn't been sleeping really well for the past few weeks. Or probably since college started. Anyways,I hope you guys enjoy & comment down below if you have any video requests. (:

Ps: I will reply those comments from my previous entries soon,give me time & I am really sorry about that. Loves.

Vanessa :)


  1. hellooo...lololo...haha...u were magnificent :) tho im curios of the ring u have on ur neck n if u can of course if u are ok with it...a song covered by u :)

  2. Dance ! We want you to dance in your next VLOG!

  3. Hey girl,it is being years I didnt hear your voice,so great!And nice job!Good luck to you and I know you will be a successful one in the future!:D

  4. smile moreeee! u are a bit too strict looking! =p
    from your stalker... XD

    yeah vlogging perhaps is a better way for u to express when u are busy. ;)

  5. haha thats a cute vid ! I love vids :D Try vlogging ! It'll be awesome :D

  6. awesome vlog! :D I did a vlog once :DD

  7. Wei Shen: thanks,thanks! I'll think about the song cover thing. Just gimme some time for it. (:

    Dusty: Need a studio for it. More time needed. :B

    Alice: Thanks dear & I know right? It's really been awhile. Like,6 years? Oh gosh! :O

    Henry Tan: Hello stalker that will never fails to drop by here. Sorry for that stern face of mine but will do! Smileee more. (: & yeap,just got addicted to fooling around making videos. :D

    Meitzeu: Thanks. ;)

    Shuwen: thanks dear. Oh btw,you should do it too,so I can watch yours! <3

    Nicole: Yeah,I know. Since I've watched it last night. hehh.

    Eunice: thanks! *winks. ;)

  8. Haha!Welcome darling!Yea yea!Time really flies and everyone grow up..LOL~>w<

  9. So cute lah! Btw I left a comment on your youtube video :D