Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vlog #2: Books review/silly moments.

Good day readers! (:

As you can see this blogger of yours is addicted with posting videos but barely type anymore. Not cause she's lazy. Okaaay,probably she really is but oh well,at least she took the initiative to do a video. Enjoy! Will be busy for the rest of the days during this week. Long hours in college & all so yeah. Take care everyone. <3

Vanessa :)


  1. the way u vlog right, so natural!! love it! :)

  2. hahaha and i realized u got a thick lips! LOL

  3. ohya... my point of view.. make it a lil shorter.. 10minutes a bit too long for me. =X

  4. perfect :) ure a natural regardless of whichever side of the camera u are at...btw...y have the movie for the last song?...