Sunday, March 25, 2012

What entry you're looking forward to reading?


Hello readers,do I look so much cuter after getting my haircut? If you know me,I always have an issue with the 'cute' word but recently I've been getting so many comments with this word so I thought,I got used to it & it's just a word after all. If you don't know,the real definition of cute: adorable but ugly. So tell me,should I get offended right now? :P

My life is in a mess that I don't know what to update on my blog. Just saying. Not in a mess but I really really don't know what to update. Mainly is because more than part of my life is taken away by college,& I of course wouldn't want to bore you guys with A-level craps. I'd really love to know if you are looking forward to any entries? Specifically? I'll try to work out on the topic? Please let me know by leaving a comment down below? I would really appreciate your effort. :D


Personally,I enjoyed long rides a lot. Especially looking out at the window,having Taylor Swift's songs on air,& it feels like you're filming a movie. Okay,I know I am day dreaming right now but don't you feel the same too? & one thing,long rides definitely made me flash back tonnes of memories whether was it a bad one,or a good one. It really made me realised a lot of things. I am sure you do feel the same too,right? :)

I know this is a crap entry. I apologize if I've wasted few minutes of your life by reading this super pointless entry. Like I said,tell me what entry you're looking forward to & I promise my blog will not be this dull anymore. D:

Vanessa :)


  1. yes, you are cute! haha well, it is a compliment, which is more than just a word. ;) you enjoy long rides? as in you are not the one driving? =p
    for me, long ride sucks! tired like hell!

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  3. Any specific blog post? Hmm.. prolly more on love (relationships & friendship) :P Like your experiences and the difference between a relationship and friendship :)

  4. Henry Tan: thanks thanks. I'll try my best to accept 'cute' as a compliment. :P yeap,I enjoy long rides. Forgotten to mention,of course I am the passenger. I know as a driver it'll be damn tiring. D:

    Shermaine: I am working on the post already dear,so stay tuned. Sorry for making you waiting for it so long. But I promise it's going to be a good,long one. :)

  5. Sure no problem :) Thanks for making the effort to do one :D