Thursday, March 29, 2012

#2: College update.

Good day everyone! ;)

So,would like to have a short update about my college life. Finally of all finally,our first Chemistry experiment falls on today. :D We were so excited about it but the downside is we hadn't got our lab coats & we just ordered them today. Can't wait to wear it of course! We'll look so cool.

You guys are all young scientists,so please behave/act like one - Chemistry lecturer. :)

& btw,was selected by the college's staffs to do a little photoshooting. Was suppose to do some few poses for brochure purpose. Sadly,I don't have the pictures with me,only one. But if I happened to have them in the future,I'll post them up. :)


Preparing for the experiment. Soon,we'll be in our lab coat & of course I'll post pictures up here. It's the first entire time I'll be wearing it & you know,I was so looking forward for it. :O I know,I know what you're thinking. :B


Did titration experiment today. It was really fun & I really got to learn a lot throughout my hands-on experiment. As you know,we don't really get to do the whole experiment ourselves back then in high school. We were asked to form a group of 6 to carry out the experiments together. But college is totally different,you have to do the experiments individually,which is a good thing because I can see how sucky my skills are. Plus,I also realised that back then in high school lots of things were not done properly. By right,not even taught properly.


Not being perasan but my college friend asked me to pose to take a picture so yes,here you are. Your nerd blogger. :DD


Here you go,part of the selected classmates for the shoot. Anyways,don't be surprise if you see our faces somewhere. We are the future superstars that shine so brightly. :D Had lots of fun doing the shoot & of course,lots of awkward moments. Like,don't know how to pose & you know,camera shy. trololol. Was a fun experience anyways. To see how sucky I am in front of cameras. 

Just a quick update today cause I feel so bad for not updated any entries this week. I was so busy with my homework so yeah. Promise I'll have a thoughtful post coming up,I am working on it already. :)

Next up: Friendship/relationship. Interesting,no? :B

Vanessa :)

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