Friday, March 23, 2012

2011 my final high school year.

Good day readers! :D

I know I hadn't been blogging for the past few days. Not that long either compare to last time right? I am sorry if I keep you guys waiting,stumbling upon my blog but without any updates. Here,let me provide you one. As you know,recently I've just received my SPM result. Never in my life I'm a straight A's student,but with that average score I've achieved,I am pretty thankful. I am not going to give excuse with I was having high fever during that period of time even though I was really struggling to do my paper. But whatever it is,result doesn't matter anymore since I've already started college.

Here,I'd like to update you guys with things I've been through last year. I know I didn't update at all about my life so I guess this is a pretty good time since I just received the school magazine & I can explain you all of you base on the pictures. :D I know I am such a smart kid.





Here are some certificates I've achieved for the past one year. Hereby,I would really love to thank all my teachers for giving me such a wonderful scores. I know I don't deserve some of them like Chinese. I got "cemerlang" for Chinese oral & is pretty unexpected because I don't exactly speak fluently. (oh,& I got a B for Chinese SPM,how unexpected too?) Btw,some people also given comment to me that I have English accent when I speak Chinese,which they find it cute. Doesn't make sense to me at all. Whatever it is,thank you teachers! <3


Serving for the school throughout the past 5 years was no doubt one of the best decisions I've made in my life. At times,I did doubt my decision whether was it the right choice becoming a prefect after all? Prefects are always hated by students & I have to sacrifice myself in the sense of I couldn't spend time with my friends most of the time & I have to accept the fact that I couldn't please each & every students hence,I'll be hated by the tonnes of them. What made me really came to my senses that it was one of the best decisions was actually the amount of stress/experience/hard work I've been through. I see myself growing up so much,learning how to be a good leader. There,I know I'll never regret it. 

5 years ago,my main intention to becoming a prefect is to avoid crowds during recess. & 5 years later,I didn't expect myself to becoming one of the top 4s in the board. It was amazing how far I've came across & I am thankful with the fact that despite there's lots of hardship,I didn't resign til the day I became the Head of Discipline. For me,it was the biggest gift/pay off to my sacrifices of being a prefect. No doubt when getting the position,I'd probably increased the possibility of being hated by the students but who cares? :)


Prefect camp was also the first camp I've been to in my whole entire life. I really did enjoyed myself with my bunch of friends & juniors. It was indeed a memorable one & I am so proud of my group members! Bumblebee! :D Not going to hide,I've been through dramas throughout the camp/after the camp. But thinking back,things were really pointless. Somehow,everyone is moving on with their life so who really cares about dramas? For all the tears that's worth,we've all gained experiences. With that,I am also grateful going through certain phases of my life with people around me. Whether we still keep in touch or not,they were the ones who accompanied me through my hard times. 


If you know me,you know I am a huge fans of Yellow! :D Throughout these 5 years,I am in yellow house. :B I missed the yellow spirit I had with my house mates during every sports day back then. Last year,I told myself I'd never want to get involve with any sports during sports day because I hate getting butterflies before running & I am so afraid of letting my teammates down. As much as I am trying to avoid,I was still involved in running. I am so happy for my teammates because we got second in our 4 x 400m! :D Thankfully,no more sports events for me because I already had enough for the past 5 years. Anyways,it was still an incredible moment. There,once upon a time. :)


Last year,I was assigned to become the president for the dancing club. For a million time,I'd wished it was never me because we have the most unfriendly/strict/fierce advisor. Nobody likes her like seriously. But I gotta admit,at times she's a great teacher but most of the time,NO! Throughout that year,probably 4 years under her. Countless times I've got scoldings from her even if I am not at fault. You know being the president,if things go wrong/your members did something wrong without you even knowing,you'll still get lecturing. That's the downside of the club but,I really had so much fun performing for the past 5 years. 

It's not only my hard work,time & effort that paid off. I am also very happy that every time I've completed one event,I'll get so many compliments from my friends & even strangers. They approached & tell me it was a wonderful performance. There I know it's worth the time,effort,tears & hard work. Now,I'd wished my juniors are doing a great job for running the board & continue to have lovely performances in the future. :)


Last but not least,my awesome classmates throughout the past 2 years. I really had so much fun being in this class. Comparing to my situation now,I only realised my former classmates were so much fun to be with. I missed sitting round a circle & talk about anything whenever the teachers weren't around. The endless noises we've made,& not forgetting being naughty most of the time. Hereby,I'd also like to thank each & everyone of them for providing so many wonderful moments & helping me when I am in doubt. I guess I have no regrets with my high school life? & it did end beautifully. :')

The days wearing prefect uniform with blazer,hair tied up neatly,following bunch of school rules & study in a wonderful class. Trust me,it was the best moment in my life. I am not going to lie,but wearing school uniform was one of the best moment after all because we were so young & naive back then. Now,we're too old to be in one. :P

Vanessa :)


  1. What's your SPM result? :P Straight A's? Why didn't post up any picture of it? :) Btw I wanna see you perform someday in real life okay!!! I know that you're a great ballet dancer although I haven't see you dance in real life but I believe that you are a great one <3 :D

  2. Congrats on the awesome results ! :D You made me miss my high school more now :'( High school is so much less stressful than college.

  3. Congratz for ur SPM results no matter what results it is. You did a great job babe! :) and high school life is definitely the memorable ones, must must must appreciate it! :D

  4. Shermaine: naah. Not as smart as that. But alright,I'll dance to you one day if there's a chance. :)

    Shuwen: Just an average score but thank you so much. High school is the best moments of our life. It's true that it's less stressful but nevertheless,best of luck in Aussie! <3

    Xue Ren: thank you,just average score. & yeap,I'm glad I had lots of fun. :D