Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2011 SPM result will be out tomorrow!


My hair just magically grew longer after I've chopped it 2 days later. Just saying. Good day readers! :D Yes,SPM result will be officially out tomorrow. & I gotta say this post isn't mainly about SPM,how I feel & all sorts of mixed emotions. I am just gonna say,tomorrow I am going back to school to get my history SPM result. Yes,it's considered as a history already since I am already settled down studying in college & stressing up with A-level. No doubt,I am so glad that I received so many loves/status/text/tags/tweets wishing me best of luck for tomorrow. Kindly spread some of your love to me too? I guess I really needed strength/courage from you people to step into the school compound to get my horrible vegetable result. :B

Wanna know how was my day? Pretty much,horrified. I don't meant to feel it that way but let me describe.

#1: My morning ballet class is as early as 8.30 am,& my ballet teacher went like: Vanessa! It's SPM result day tomorrow. How are you feeling? 

#2: My senior tweeted me in the morning & went like: Result keluar esok. Ngehehe. ;)

#3: Reached college & everyone couldn't stop stressing more about the result day. 

#4: Mathematics lecturer: if you cannot solve all these questions on the white board,your A+ for Add Maths/Maths tomorrow will fly away. Note: He repeated the same thing over & over again every few minutes. How not to freak out?

#5: Came home & my mom had to remind it again. Urgh. 

#6: Got texts/status/tweets/tags from my friends/juniors/seniors wishing me luck. Stressed me out even more.

That's pretty much my whole day. See,can you see how everyone is treating me as though I've been diagnosed with Alzheimer disease? So tell me,how to chillax myself? For those mature readers of mine. Those who probably started working,still in college or whatsoever,I am sure you've all experienced this. & maybe for you I am just a childish little kiddy ranting a day before SPM result.

Besides,I went to my college today & sat for this Direct English Placement Test. It's a computer based system where by you just answer as many questions as possible in 15 minutes. There's a score from band 1 to band 8. The higher your band,the better you are. Surprisingly,I've been using Malaysian version of English for the past 4 months. With all the lah,lor,meh,neh,nah,mah & etc. I got a band 7! Which is stated as "expert user". :O Base on this result,it's somehow equivalent to IELST band. So I am ready to sit for my IELST,as I was told. But,I guess I would really want to improve my English a little better. Okay,maybe not a little but a lot. So yeah,I am going for private English classes & my college is also giving out free English classes which is starting next month if I am not mistaken. With that,I am going to indulge myself with correct English about half a year down the line. Til I am ready to sit for my IELST probably during December or January. As you know,the highest band in IELST will be band 9,I would really wished to get a secure score. At least band 7 or 8 if my dream is to study overseas. :) Wish me luck? :D

Ps: My Direct English Placement Test is by far the best thing that happened today. Despite people around me kept reminding me with result day.

That's all for today's post. I'd also want to share my ballet journey with you readers but I guess I'd rather make it another post. Cause I've got so much to let you guys know. Signing off. Take care & have a nice day! :D

Vanessa :)


  1. hahaha when i saw u write band 7 i tot u were saying MUET! lol
    anyway.. hi5! last time i also went into university months before the result is out. haha
    good luck in ur tertiary studies! =D

  2. Henry Tan: hehh. I was talking about my Direct English Placement test. :) anyways,thanks a lot & best of luck for you in life. <3