Monday, March 19, 2012

Join us at St John's International School.


Can never get over with self shots recently. Mainly because I find having short hair really fun. I know that doesn't make any senses but to people like me who tried out short hair for the first time,I guess I am loving this experience. I mean,come on,it's really something new & I love giving people a shock. I caught my lecturers/classmates' shock faces today. Couldn't help but to laugh at their expression. Nice one so far. :) Btw,that's not my main reason for this entry today. Not to tell you how awesome my hairstyle is that I want to influence everyone to go get a haircut. Just saying. On behalf of St John's International School,I am promoting for them for the upcoming intakes. I've been studying there for the 3rd month already,I am going to leave my comments/opinions right before I end this post. Not going to lie,strictly honest to you.

As you may/may not know,St John's International School just started Cambridge A-levels last year. Yes,very new to them but it is definitely a very old & historical school. Not going to bore you guys with its history. I am going to go straight to the point. 

Reasons why you should choose St John's:

#1: They conduct in small classes. You might be expecting big ass classes like 40 over students per class. No worries,never will it happened in St John's. Our main focus is quality,& it feels like going to private tuitions. Small amount of students,easy to handle,easy to clarify your doubts.

#2: We have awesome lecturers. How awesome? Probably you might want to come for trial classes? Trust me,they ain't like high school teachers. Way better than that. Ensuring everyone knows what's going on before carrying on the class. Awesomeness,no? Never will you feel neglected in class. Really. 

#3: If you have financial issues/couldn't afford 40k just for A-levels,St John's is definitely a place to be considered. It's by far one of the cheapest place you can ever find with quality lecturers. What else can you ask for? Honestly I am telling you. I took Physics,Biology,Chemistry & Pure Mathematics. I paid about 13k for my school fees. Let me tell you,school fees including text books (they are not cheap). & btw,we are paying per semester. :)

#4: By far from what I've seen. My seniors to my classmates,everyone is into the real thing. As in,studies. Never will you see people signing attendance & leave the class just like that. Not to the nerd extent but yeah,sometimes they might be really nerdy. But mostly we know when to have fun & when to get serious. So studying in environment like that,I guess it really helped you a lot. Because it forces you to study along too. 

#5: We do not have long asses period in school. Timetable is super flexible. Depending on the amount of subjects you are taking,you have to go to school based on that. Like me taking 4 subjects,I only have to go to school for 4 days. Isn't that great? 5 hours for each science subjects,& 3 hours for Maths. There you go,you can leave the class. :)

Anyways,St John's International School is going to have an open day end of this month. On the 31st of March. If you are interested,don't forget to mark down your calender. We will be having talks for parents,tour around the school & you can ask the staffs if you have any doubts to clarify. I am not updated with the timing yet so if anyone of you is interested,please let me know. I would love to go to the same school with you? LOL! :P I'll put their contacts down below. & now,here's the truth. I am going to share my thoughts/experience for the past 3 months.

At first,I was really scared to set foot into this school because everything was strange to me,no doubt. But slowly,once I got used to it,I really love the environment. & our timetable is very flexible. As stated at #5. We have great lecturers who are always there for us especially when we were so lost in studies. I did not regret signing up with this school because through the lecturers,seniors & classmates,I know I am already in for the real thing. Everyone is serious about their studies/future. How can I not too right? :) If you have anything you want to ask me,feel free to comment down below. Twitter/Facebook me isn't a problem too. :D

Here's the contacts:

Address: St John's International School Lot 145,Jalan Bukit Nanas. 50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone: +60320341288
Toll Free: 1300881887

Hope to see you there during open day. Oh,forgotten to mention. We have two more intakes this year which is April & July. Do drop by & visit our school. :D Spread the post around with your friends too.

Just to clarify,I am not paid to promote/publish this post. I just wanted to share this piece of information with people out there. Thanks. :)

Vanessa :)


  1. You paid 13k for 1 semester, so for 3 semesters is a total of 39k ?? Please reply :) thanks