Sunday, March 18, 2012

10 facts about me.


Before starting off my college this week,this picture is to remind me no matter how tough classes are going to be,I must survive & go through it. People around me might not know how is it like to go through the stress,& I really hope I will not give up that easily. So before I go missing for a few days,I am going to publish a post about myself. Yes,after reading this post,you'll get to know me a little better. I hope? & btw,I would love to thank my fellow readers because within these few days of continuous blogging,I got a really good hit on my blog. Various people from various countries too. Alright,I am so happy about it & that's possibly the best thing that happened this week. Seriously,I am so thankful. :') Once again,thank you.

Anyways,if you bother to know me better,continue reading. If you don't,continue reading too because if you don't,you wouldn't know how awesome I am. I know I am smart. :P But well,the decision belongs to you. & my duty right now is to publish/write a post for all of you. :) I'll try to list down as many facts as I can possibly think of. So I hope you enjoy! :D

Facts about me:

#1: I am very particular with toilets. I hate toilets with wet floor. It's either I wait til it's dry/I'll tip toe into the toilets.

#2: I never reuse my towels. By that means,after using the towel once,it has to go to the laundry. I know what you are thinking. You might reuse it for a couple of days/a week cause logically,the towel is clean because you wipe your body when you came out from the shower. But,that doesn't apply on me. It has to be fresh towels everyday. D:

#3: I don't like people touching my stuff. I guess this is pretty common? Worst,touching it without getting permission. & somehow I can sensed that my stuffs had been touched without even telling me. You know,sometimes you can just sense things. How amazing? :)

#4: I must sleep with the lights off. I don't know,some people prefer to have dim lights when they are sleeping & trust me,when I sleep with people like them,I can dieee. Especially going on trips & sharing room with my mother. Super torturing.

#5: When it rains at night,I find it very secure to camp under my blanket & sleep. Well,I guess this might sounds weird to you? But that's how I feel. I know up til now what's on your mind. Why this blogger so weird one? She's creepy. :P Oh,didn't you know I read minds too? Now you do. ;)

#6: I can never concentrate when there's a lot of distractions around. Another pretty common fact I suppose. I mean,everything seems so tempting expect your books/homework/assignments. Sucking big time I know. I feel you. :)

#7: My first impression to most people out there is,unfriendly. But if you get to know me a little better,you might want to rethink what you've judge me at first. Truth is,I am way beyond than you think. & sometimes,way beyond than what I thought I am too. Does that make any senses? Err...

#8: I am a person who is afraid to be alone. Not to a very serious extent like I need somebody to be there for me 24/7. Go to the toilet with me,sleep with me,shit with me? heh? But I love to mix around with my friends & not surprising to find that I am the loudest among all. I love to surround myself with people,in general. 

#9: I hate crowded places. I cannot stress more on this. I HATE HATE HATE crowded places like anything. Back in high school,the place I dislike the most is canteen but believe it or not? That's the place I've been put on duty the most. Back then,it was really a nightmare for me. Now,I am revealing my long kept high school secret. My reason for becoming a prefect is because to avoid crowds during recess. Yes,as simple as that. People around me expected me to have some very bombastic/solid reasons to becoming a prefect since I was one of the leaders in school but neh,there I told you my reason. So much of the head of discipline I know. 

Ps: Doesn't it suit me? Discipline is all about tidiness,neatness & whatever you want to name it as. ;)

#10: I hate annoying people. Waaait,hate is a big word right? Alright,dislike. I mean,when I have this unpleasant feelings towards a person,don't expect me to like them until they really gave me solid reasons to. Really. I know I am a very particular person. From young,I am somebody who has a very strong stand of my own. I want things to go my way no matter what. I know to some extent this is a bad news for me. Now I am better,way better than I was before but up to certain limit,I still need things to go my way before it goes out of hands. :)

I can only squeeze 10 facts about myself. If you want,comment down below facts about you. Funny ones,weird ones,cool ones or whatever you feel like sharing with me. Or perhaps we might have similar facts too? I hope through this post you'll get to understand me a little better? I really hope. Fingers crossed. See you readers soon. Promise I will update. Have a great week ahead everyone! <3

Vanessa :)


  1. wow i dont think i can come out with so many facts about myself. lol

    but after reading urs.. i think we are alike! LOL except for fact no 2! whereby u are so freaking weird! LOL u stay in hotel mehhhhh! XD

  2. I didn't know so many facts of you after reading this post.. now I know you even better weeee :3

  3. Henry Tan: yayy! We are pretty much alike? :) sorry,all these while I thought it was normal to change my towels everyday but not until my friends told me I am so weird. :O

    Shermaine: Glad that now you did. :D