Saturday, March 17, 2012

Green Garden Organic Recipe @ Bandar Menjalara.


Before I go on with my food post. SURPRISE! :D Yes,I did get myself a bob haircut. At first I didn't expect it to be that short. My hairstylist acted as though she hadn't seen hair before/for a long time. I saw her having a fun time chopping them off. At least,I gave her the satisfaction of chopping hair to release stress I guess? Trust me,the moment she told me it's done & I stood up & flings my hair,it's so light weighted. & I am so glad about it. Since this is the shortest haircut I've ever did,I am also worried it might not suit me & stuff like that but well,I already cut it & hair can grow when the time passes. Not a big deal. Plus,I don't have to use so much shampoo & my hair gets dry really really fast. Which is something to be pleased about too. :)

Tonight,I went to an organic shop with my parents named Green Garden Organic Recipe. It's our first visit to be honest. When I heard about it trust me,I didn't look forward to it at all. Cause I am a really picky person especially when it comes to vegetables. I am a little too particular. But half way having my meal,I thought of you guys & really,I must recommend it to all my fellow readers. It's so so so so delicious. Imagine my parents who are also very particular in food said: mhmm,it's really nice. Definitely & for sure,we'll go back to visit them again. :D


Something to entertain you guys before I go on. Seriously,it was so epic that at one point I thought he was talking about me. But yeah,that's really funny & pretty much of an epic fail case. :P


Dining over there tonight feels so homey,no doubt. It was full air coned & the environment is good too. I guess not many people actually know about this place,so it was pretty quiet & comfortable having our meal over there. I guess it's because it's situated at the first floor,& you will barely noticed if you didn't take a good/close look at it. 



I highly recommend you guys to try this out. It's called fruit tea. Consists of oranges,apples,passion fruits,lemon & some tea perhaps? This taste like so effing good. By far the best fruit tea I've ever tasted. Don't forget to try this out if you happened to pay them a visit. :)


They named this as "asam fish". Since it's an organic shop,they do not serve meat. So the "fish" was actually made by "foo chuk". Heavenly good,trust me. Gotta check this dish out. I am not a big fans of brinjal but for this dish,I can die for it. LOL! I swear,it's nice okaaay? :)


Was expecting them to serve white rice but they serve us with organic wheat rice I suppose? My mom always cook this for us so we're pretty used to eating brown rice already. :B


Sweet & sour plus a little spicy tou foo. This is another thumbs up dish too! We ordered one more vegetable but I've forgotten to get a shot of it because I was so hungry. & yes,three of us actually finished everything up. To that extent,it was that yummy. 

Aside from ordering dishes with rice,they also serve spaghetti, pizza,fried rice & noodles. There are various type of food & for an organic shop,it's one of the best one I've visited so far. You know those usual organic shops? Tasteless & doesn't really taste good. You get what I meant? But this one proved me really wrong. I guess I'd want to go back there a million times. LOL! For the pricing,it's quite reasonable. You might find it slightly expensive than other restaurants out there,but I guess it's worth the price. Imagine yummy food plus the dishes aren't oily. I must say,the whole presentation is very healthy. We had 4 bowls of rice,3 main dishes & a jar of fruit tea,it costs RM 62.20. So you be the judge,whether it's worth it or not? :)

Location: No.1,First floor,Jalan 3/62A,Bandar Menjalara,52200,Kuala Lumpur. (it is just right opposite the Menjalara park,& below the shop is actually a tyre shop) 
Phone: 03-62756529

Go check it out if you are interested. :D Have a nice day you all.

Vanessa :)


  1. Eunice: No problem. Lemme know if you happened to visit. Wanted to know if you find it nice too. :D

  2. The fruit tea looks similar to that at Chef Lim which I can drinks lots of it. Yummy and refreshing. Will give this place a try when I head in to do some "spot check" on my client's outlets around Kepong area.

    BTW, the organic that you mentioned here is vegetarian based right?

  3. Hey
    Nice site! I am loving it!! Will come back again ??taking you feeds also, Thanks.

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  4. missyblurkit: Yes,I love the fruit tea a lot. Please do go check it out because it's really an awesome place. It is vegetarian based but it's better than the usual vegetarian shops out there.

    blog: hello there. Thanks,appreciate your comment. Do check out once in awhile. :)

  5. lol.. i like how you describe your hairstylist. hahahaha
    healthy food ya? haha but always slightly higher price! haha
    too bad im not in kl, otherwise i would go try it now! =p

  6. Henry Tan: trying to sound funny but that's exactly what's going on. From a medium length to this short,I am pretty sure she had a fun time chopping them off like a boss. :B Yeap,healthy food is always slightly expensive than other restaurants out there but I guess it really worth the price. If you happened to be in KL,do check it out. :)

  7. I know this shop too! I went there for organic food too! awesome yummy! :D

  8. xue ren: you hafta agree with me it is awesome also right? yeahh! Will definitely visit them again. :D

  9. This looks really good :) I might go and try it someday soon :D

  10. Shermaine: please do,it's really a nice place with awesome food. :)