Friday, March 16, 2012

Appreciation to my fellow readers.


Good day readers! :D These shots were taken pretty recently. Within this two months. Gotta admit this year I had a lot of self-shots. I guess more to come too? Excuse the quality of the pictures because they were mostly taken with my iPod Touch & I am pretty much slacking with taking shots using my SLR already. For those who follows me on Twitter/Facebook,I am pretty sure these shots are very familiar to you. Yeah,I spammed a lot of my faces there. So check it out? Follow me or add me as friend on Facebook. More than welcome to know more people out there. :)


I don't know this book can last how long. Just so you know/might not know,I am a huge Mathematics freak. Like freaking huge. Addicted/obsessed. But gotta admit,A-levels Pure Mathematics is so much tougher than what we've learned previously. Hopefully this 300 pages book can last,okaaay,I don't know how long this thing is going to last but yeah. I love doing Mathematics. I know,you might think I am crazy. To be honest,I hated Mathematics like anything back then in primary school. I don't know why we have to learn how to calculate & solve all those complicated questions. It pained me so much whenever I have homework,especially Mathematics. & I can barely ace it back then. Til now,I'll never forget my Standard 6 Mathematics teacher. She's the one who made me went obsessed with it & since then,I always got an A for it. I am glad that my love towards it hadn't end,& please don't ever make me give up on you. D:

Anyhow,I have to stop crapping about my love towards Mathematics. I hope I didn't bore you guys to death. The reason why I am publishing the post today is because,I want to thank my awesome readers/viewers. I mean,really awesome awesome awesome one. Wtheck?! What am I talking about? See,perhaps too awesome that I couldn't describe.


I am so glad with the fact that you guys came back & took the time to read my posts. I am really really touched. No lying,I really am. I contemplated so long whether or not to continue to publish posts. I kept thinking what if nobody bothers coming back? What if nobody bothers to spread some love/comment to me? What if,what if,what if & the questions go on & on. So here I am telling you,through the bottom of my heart. Each & every comments you've left really meant a lot to me. I really appreciate & glad that all these years you guys are still here. Therefore,thank you so much for the love & support you guys have provided me. & of course,I'd love to meet more awesome people out there! <3 Not forgetting,I apologize for being a terrible blogger throughout these years. So,you people who are reading this gotta check out those awesome bloggers who bother to leave comments for me alright? They are truly sweethearts. :)



Yours truly giving each & everyone of you a heart. Thank you people so much & I love you guys a lot. I know this is probably one random post & I am sorry if I've wasted your time. To make it slightly more meaningful,I shall end this post with,

Things I've learned in life so far,

#1: Sometimes,you have to be selfish. Not that you don't love the people around you. But always put yourself first before others. You'll be a much happier person & people will accept you for who you really are.

#2: They said: things happened for a reason. You might/might not know the reasons. But whatever it is,the reasons aren't that important. What's important is that the impact it had given you & make sure,you know how to handle it well. When you fall,doesn't matter. Be brave to face your failure,get back up & move on. Forgive but never forget. :)

#3: Always remind yourself that never take people around you for granted. Honestly,I've done it but I've learned from my mistake. No matter how much somebody love/treasure you,if you don't realised your mistake,they are going to be tired of you one day. I know appreciate is indeed a big word. All of us might search the meaning of it for our whole life/learn how to appreciate people around us. So as long you learn throughout your life,you'll have a meaningful one.

Vanessa :) 


  1. AWWWW I FEEL THE LOVE <3 Thanks for this post! So meaningful! Weee God bless you Van :)

  2. Thank you Shermaine,& not a problem. Take care. <3