Friday, March 16, 2012

#1: College update.

So pleased that every Fridays I don't have to attend college so yeap,I am done with my college this week so I've decided to do a weekly college update. A pretty quick one I suppose. This week was the first week we went back to college after our sem break,one week. Start stressing out with practically all the subjects already. As usual,have to do tonnes of revision for Physics,Biology & Chemistry. & it feels like I am practically drowned in Chemistry,which is a very terrible thing to say. Not forgetting,have to do lots of exercises for Pure Maths before I couldn't cope & fail my exams. Which I hope it will not happen. D:



Finally,we got to take pictures of our school. If you've no idea how St John's International School looks like,here is part of it. We were early that day before the talk,so we decided to walk around & snap pictures of our school. For the next 16 months. Pretty isn't it? As you know,it's a very historical building which is something I like. I don't know,I am very inspired with buildings like that so probably it's one of my reason why I choose to study here. Nah,just saying. :) But I guess it's true,though. :3 


Unfortunately,our library was occupied by some outsiders this week,so we have to camp at the corridor before classes everyday. So here,part of my classmates' belongings. We just stuff our books,bags,even shoes aside & went out to have our lunch. This week was also a great week because finally,we did spend time talking to each other. It was a great bonding after all with my classmates. Not to forget,get to hang out with one of my July seniors. It's perhaps a good start? Cause I've always don't have the guts to talk to them,it's awkward,you know? So yeah. :)



Hang out with my college buddy before class. We were having lunch that time. This picture reminds me of so much about that moment. We shared so many stories with each other about our background,experiences & past. Somehow,I can say that it was a rather emotional talk. Not exactly very serious but yeah,something that we both get to know each other even better. After that day,that's when I've decided to publish a post about our love being taken granted for,which is my previous post. if you hadn't read it,here's the link to it. :) Oh btw,before I forget. I appreciate the feedbacks I've got on the previous post. At least I get some response other than asking myself questions but nobody answered them,right? I always love hearing back from my readers so feel free to drop me some love over here once in awhile okay? <3




I guess I didn't mention about I got a new bottle right? Oh,I mentioned it on my Twitter but not here. So yeah,the other day I decided to get myself one new bottle because I can't use my old one anymore. & don't ask me why but I got one 'chemical reaction' bottle. Probably too in love with Chemistry already,not. Well,my buddy is so fascinated with my bottle hence she actually took a shot of it. I know,I know you love my bottle as much as I do. :D


This week,the O-levels students are having their exams so we were forced to stuck in the Chemistry lab the whole day. It rained early in the morning & we were practically freezing in the lab today. I have to say,we always hate having Chemistry because we were mostly lost case most of the time. The class was so boring to the extent that I can see everyone's tired & sleepy eyes already. You know is a bad thing when you couldn't stop glancing at the clock/watch once every 5 minutes. That moment waiting for the lecturer to say: that's the end of the class for today! :) No doubt,wide grin on everyone's faces. Probably the best sentence our lecturer had said so far. Well,we were all waiting for that moment only. I know what you're thinking. ;)



Finally of all finally,some decent shots with my girlfriends. :D This week we had the habit of taking pictures everyday. I don't know why. Everyone got so photogenic out of nowhere. Which is a good thing,I hope. So hopefully more pictures coming up in the near future & I will always keep you guys updated. For now,gotta sign off because I am really worn out already. Had a pretty long day having Chemistry & teaching ballet the whole night. Still have to say,I had a great & productive day. See you readers some time around,which is pretty soon. I promise. I've been a good blogger so far right? Well,you gotta nod your head for this. Or else no updates from me anymore. Just saying. :P

Vanessa :)


  1. haha yup looking forward for more photos of you coming up! ;)

  2. Henry Tan: thank youuu. Will make this little space more alive. Be sure to look forward. :D