Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Is our love taken granted for,most of the time?

Good day readers. :) I am actually very worn out because I indeed had a very long day the whole day. But I have to say it was a very productive day. I've always wanted to go abroad & study. It is always my dream thing to do & after today's talk in college about pursuing studies overseas,it felt like my dream is shattered into million pieces because I am afraid I might not meet their minimum requirement,which is pretty high expectation. Hence,I need to really have a deep thought about it & ace my A-levels.


I have an incredibly over productive night with 4 hours straight of ballet classes. I must say Wednesdays are indeed the most busiest day I've ever had in the entire week but so as long I am exercising & keeping myself in shape,I guess it's alright? Anyways,that's not my point of blogging here tonight when I am already half dead. Probably,more than just that. :P I've always always have this habit back then when I have a strong emotion/feeling/opinion towards things I've experienced in life,I'd always love to blog about it to express myself. To let my readers to know about it & of course,I love all the feedbacks from my readers. I felt so appreciated that at least there are people who bothers to read because if you know me,I love torturing people by blabbering with long written essays/posts. So,I'd like to publish an entry today about is our love taken granted for,most of the time? 

Well,I bet most of you will agree with the fact that during our teenage years,we tend to be so curious practically about everything. Even like tiny weeny little bit of things. We love to explore & be curious about things we are expose to/going to/intend to. However you name it. Not only that alone,probably most of us are also you know,young & innocent & easily to be cheated on. Maybe I should put it this way,we give our whole heart too easily that people will that your weakness as their advantages. Yes,you gotta nod your head furiously if you agree with my statement. :) Talk about relationships. Not alone about relationships with your girlfriend/boyfriend,but you know,general love towards everybody around you. Have you ever encountered the feeling of your love towards them is being taken granted for? Raise hand.


They say: it is important to spread the love around. This is to show your love towards people around you. Make sure that they are aware that they actually meant something to you before it is too late. But what if you're doing your part to spread your love towards people around,but they seemed to be taking it for granted? At the end of the day,my question is,what's the bloody point? Why must we human beings have to be so silly when people around you intend/probably unintentionally hurt you but still you're still showing your love. If you really put deep thoughts about it,silly isn't it? 

I am just curious. Probably too curious to know that yes,you spread your love,the caring side of you as much as possible so that it will make somebody's day. Now,let's say people around you are taking it for granted,& you're emotionally hurt inside which you refuse to speak out for yourself. What's exactly your next step? Continue letting them to hurt you,or you'd rather stop showing your love towards them & there goes a relationship with a human being on earth? Don't tell me it's okay to let go of it because hello? You've been investing time,money (perhaps),effort (like bloody hell lots of it),love & etc. We being humans have emotions okay? So for me it's not okay to say it's okay when it's not okay lor. You get it? 

I have this sense of strong feeling towards this particular issue is because one,I am plainly curious about it. & people around me have encountered this before & they've asked about my opinion. Honestly,I guess I couldn't speak up for myself because if I'm ever stuck at this situation,I'd probably not know how to pull myself out of this. Really. Honestly. Frankly speaking. So my fellow readers/viewers,if you suspect that your love is taken granted for,what will you do? & what's your view towards this? Perhaps one day as time goes by & I get more mature,I might be able to provide you a pretty damn good answer. :B

Vanessa :) 


  1. Sup :) Just read your whole post on it and I felt like I wasn't being love enough for the past few months and weeks and yes words of appreciation slowly came to me,too. But God is good. Hence, I blogged this post so take a look - :)

  2. And I can't deny the fact that some passage of it in your post is true :)

  3. I had just gone through such thing and to be honest, it really sucks that it hurts me badly. I've met a bunch of people who stuck around me just because I study, I work hard, and I'm always serious about assignments/assessments/etc. However, after thinking really deeply about it, I thought, why should I put in so much effort again when I've already known how these bastards are, despite the time and everything invested; I don't even care anymore. I slowly left them by joining the other group of people, and just treat them like, probably but not so, some hi-bye friends. After all, life still goes on, so why stop by for so long just for something unworthy? :)

  4. Shermaine: hello there. i guess it's normal to experience the feeling of not getting enough love from people around you right? well,whenever you feel that way again,remember God. He will never forget to provide you love everyday. I'll read your post,soon. :)

    Jiamin: Hello girl! Hadn't been hearing you for awhile already. Which is my bad because I hadn't been updating for such a long period of time. Anyways,it's awful to hear that you have friends like this who took advantage of you. But I gotta say,I am proud of you! Never let them take you for granted anymore. I am sure you know your own values right? You're a hardworking girl I can see that,keep it up & lots of love to you. <3

  5. Yeap it's normal :) Hahaha. Thanks for that and Amen! :D Alright weee :3