Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3 months & 13 days late welcoming 2012.

Introductory: I am exactly 3 months & 13 days late welcoming the year of 2012 in this very rotten place of mine. I doubt there's any loyal readers bother checking this up once in awhile. You guys probably had given up on me,as much as how I've been giving up blogging for the past 2 years. I slacked to the extent of one post per month. Probably,worst than that. I hadn't been signing in & keep you readers updated,it's really really been a very long time. To start off this post,I'd like to spam it with my self-shots.


These were taken on the month of January 2012. I know it's been awhile seeing my face. For those really loyal ones,you know what I meant. I used to spam my face a lot in my blog back then 3 years ago. That's for you to judge how much I've changed/not at all. One thing you'll notice,my eye bags are incredibly huge. Just so you know/may not know,I am officially a college kid for 3 months. :) & if you hadn't been seeing me awhile/not at all,I've been through tremendous weight lost. Like,literally tremendous. People around me don't comment it as: You've slimmed down! They said: Gosh,you're shrinking & getting smaller in size. Not to frighten you but yes,I know I hadn't been taking good care of myself last year due to my major high school exam - SPM.

16th of January 2012,

That morning,it marks the first day of college. My first step into St John's International School. I'd comment that it was rather unwelcoming for the first day. Probably,the first week itself. I set foot into an environment which is totally new to me. I am not excited nor upset. I seriously didn't know how to describe my feelings. It's definitely very weird for not having to follow bunch of secondary school rules,being treated like a kid & not having to wear uniform anymore. I was 30 minutes early & decided to visit the library. To my surprise,most of my 'friends' (that time,they were just bunch of strangers to me) arrived. I was utterly shocked & knowing that I won't see myself being happy in this environment. If you know me well enough,I can never mix with nerds/those who studies 24/7,bringing a book along whenever they go. I told myself: seriously,I didn't expect my classmates to be as nerd as this. They were practically flipping through thick asses college books trying to figure out what we're gonna go through for the next 18 months. I caught them started revising/studying. 

Most of them were pretty unfriendly during the first week. They don't greet nor take the effort to talk to you. Everyday before starting class,they'd rather take their books out to study & start memorizing everything. I,for once couldn't believed I am stuck in a situation like that. It really took us about a month to have a better bond. With my sakai-ness,I am proud to say that I've transformed my nerdy classmates into people who are more friendlier & talk way more than usual. Even though there are some whom seemed like they'd rather be alone,but it's a pretty damn good attempt already. As usual,you'll always know I am the noise pollution. Within 2 months,I am labeled by my Biology lecturer as the most talkative one among all. I am taking that as a compliment,anyways. :D

On the month of February,


I decided to chop off my long hair. I actually wanted to get it chopped shorter but I don't know,the end result turned out to be like that. It was a transforming month for me because beside getting my hair chopped,I too decided to join in the nerd family. & what I meant was actually,


Yeap! I got myself a nerdy glasses. I didn't attempt to try on at first,really. I was too chicken about it. Cause I pretty well know that I'll get teased by my friends & probably be ready to let them laugh their asses off. Out of my surprise,I got none. Which got me somewhat relieved. For life I am going to wear this,just saying. :P If you don't mind seeing more of my spam faces/you actually miss seeing them. Here,two more for you!



I have been having a lot of self-shots this year. Just to remind me how stressful/tough college life really is by judging my eye bags. Trust me,I've stayed up as late as 5 in the morning just to complete my assignments & homework. There is no such thing as last minute doing them because trust me,one night isn't enough to complete. Since it's a higher level & things are really tougher,I spent so much time on doing them. As long as,30 minutes per question. Nope,I am not going to lie. I wished I am a smart kid so that I am able to finish up my work earlier but nooo,I am not. Sometimes,midnight revision really made me wanted to cry so much. Not because I felt lonely for not having anybody with me (maybe a little). But the main reason is because I am really so stressed up that I doubt myself why am I choosing Pure Science in A-levels. I was doubting my ability whether am I able to complete this 18 months commitment,providing myself a flying colour at the end of the journey. I really got so worried & at one point,I almost cried. & maybe I did cry,while I was doing my homework because I don't have anybody to help me out. 

That's the downside of my college life. I experience those negative feelings almost every nights,thinking about my studies & I swear I almost got crazy about it. But I know I am not alone to commit in this,I still have my friends. Well,they are going through the exact same thing with me. On the brighter note,


Meet my best college buddy. I hadn't been very photogenic since few years back hence I don't have shots with other classmates of mine. I'll try to have a decent one with the rest,soon. So,things been really going great between me & my best buddy. We hang out together all the time. Before classes,during breaks & sometimes after classes too. So far things are great & I guess we really needed more time to get to know each other better. Oh btw,her name is Pira. :) I guess I wouldn't want to reveal too much about her personal stuff but she has been sharing a lot of her stories with me. & I have to say,she's a special friend. I pictured myself being in a position back then during her past,I guess I will not be as strong as she is. Gotta be really proud of this girl. :D Another 16 months for us to go,we'll sail it through,I know.


Sometimes,you gotta praise me for being such awesome/wonderful student/friend/classmate,I cleaned the white board before class. I didn't ask anyone to snap a picture of me as a prove. As you can clearly see this picture is a total epic failed attempt. My college buddy just had to do this,for the fun of it. & to actually kill time before starting our boring class. Just saying. For the past 3 months,I've really been enjoying classes because I have really awesome lecturers/teachers. They did an awesome job but I guess I didn't did well enough for the past 3 months & hence,I have to start pulling up my socks because my first college exam is coming in 2 months time. Time to freak out? I guess.

On the month of March,


My final spam face before signing off. After two years of on & off randomly publishing short posts,I hope I have the rights to be proud. This is by far the longest post I've published within this two years. Yeah,you gotta be proud of me,pretty please? :B The thought of suddenly deciding to update my blog is because there's one night,it finally hit me that I actually missed those days where I constantly update my readers about my daily routine. Even though I might not have anything particular to say or share,but still I'd squeeze my brain juices to think of something to post up. & I also missed those days where my blog was visited by so many readers from various countries & get to know so many awesome & lovely bloggers out there. Hadn't been keeping in touch with most of them. Mostly through Twitter only. I can't promise to update daily like I used to last time. But I am trying to be a good blogger by at least updating you readers weekly. If I have the free time,I will try to update even more.

Before I end this post,I'd like to thank everyone who has been there for me to support me & my blog from the day I started blogging. Which is 5 years back? I can't exactly remember but I appreciate each & everyone of you. I know I have been a really really terrible blogger for this recent years. So here,my apology. & to those loyal readers of mine,I am sure you've seen the changes in me,how much I've grown up within these few years. Anyways,have a great day ahead,til the next time I update. Take care everyone,don't forget to spread the love around. <3

Vanessa :)


  1. visiting from inniters gathering. nice blog you have here.. keep the blogging spirit flying high ya! :)

    Have a nice college life! :)

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  3. hey vanessa! finally an update from u! :) good luck and enjoy ur college life yeah! :D

  4. Isaac Tan: thank you for the warm support,appreciate it a lot. :)

    Eunice: yeah,pretty much in a relaxing situation. Thanks yeah.

    Xue Ren: hello there! yeah,i know i haven been updating for quite some time already. & btw,thank you deear. best wishes in life too! :D

  5. WOMAN! Yes yes I'm proud of you and I read this post :) All the best for college life kay? You have my support! Love you Van :D God bless :D

  6. Shermaine: hello dear. yeaaah,I know I hadn't been a good blogger for the recent years so yeah,trying to be a good one. Thanks a lot,I'll try my best. & I really really appreciate the support you're showing me. Best of luck in life to. My love to you,take care. <3

  7. Hahaha. It's alright! Try to keep up with it then. I totally understand how much time you don't have to update it, but sometimes it can be a time for you to release stress too :p And you're welcome :) Take care too :D