Saturday, July 7, 2012



Hello readers! :D SURPRISE?

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. When was my last update? Bet it's like more than a month,or probably few months back. Feeling super guilty for that. Please don't kill me. But I find it so hard to update something proper all the time. Whether is it everyday,or every week,or every month. Okay,you may say that I am lazy. :( I hope you guys miss me as much as I miss hearing from you guys. My blog is so dead,I know. So to make it more alive,let me spam my July face. :B If you followed me on instagram/twitter,I am sure you've seen most of the shots. That's how convenient those apps are until I nicely neglected my blog. :(




Btw,your dear blogger here has been having a pretty damn good life with good food. Hence,the weight gained & happier life. Promise,I've been eating well & healthily. I've learned my lesson from being sick all the freaking time. I'm all well & good now. :)





& besides all the good food & good life,I am trying my best to study really hard too cause my first final half of A-level is coming. Yes,I am sitting for my AS this coming Oct/Nov. Any loves/motivations from you people? :B


Just a general update what's been up with my life. Swear to God I've got so many things to share with all of you. Especially those deep in thoughts posts. I missed ranting & getting all the loves from you readers. :( I'll try my best to update more often. & I am going to have food party tonight. So yes,probably food porn will be going on in my blog for the next post. Stay tuned? 

Take care & love you people. :')

Vanessa :)


  1. Sometimes it's nice toe enjoy the offline (from blogging) life. :)

  2. you scored really well in ur quiz/exam!! well done van and all the best in future yeah! :)