Sunday, May 20, 2012

People nowadays don't appreciate wordy blogs,do they?

Hello. :)

I know the starting itself it's already not myself. No spamming picture of self-shot nor starting with my typical 'good day readers!' Not to forget,with a big,wide grin. I don't mean to greet in a cold way this time around. It's just that,we should change for the better right? Oh well,not really but at least,I should come up with something I feel 'new'.

Yesterday,I was in a phone conversation with somebody. He commented,perhaps,questioned me where has my SLR been? I sold it off? He asked why hadn't I been uploading inspiring & eye catching shots. Truth is,I am really really lazy. I started hating the bulkiness of it & at one point,I did thought of getting a compact mini SLR. But then again,that have to wait. I bet no one is looking forward for my so to call 'inspiring' shots I once spammed on my blog. I appreciate those compliments. Like having talent or a thing with snapping shots. I'd really love those. But just not now,you know. Probably,in the future I shall seriously come up with better quality ones. Instead of continuing being a bum uploading cheapskates shots from my iPod/phone. It's motivating to know that,that people still care & remember my shots. & that's the reason why I somewhat get my lazy ass to sweep off the dust over here.

One more thing I'd love to share. I'm sure it's not only me alone. But I'm sure some people out there will agree with what I am saying. People nowadays who stumble upon others' blogs,they don't seemed to appreciate words anymore. Like,wordy kind of blogs. & what that really attracts people is actually bunch of pictures,less elaboration & that's it. But me still being me,I'd like the fact with expressing myself with words. Even though knowing people might not appreciate it,but that's how I want my blog to appear as. At least. Instead of just getting famous just cause you've lots of nice shots. For me,that's not the way I define blogging as. That way,I am not particularly criticising anyone. But it's a little too shallow for me. Blogging - is a way to express your thoughts,your experience,or probably past events. Publishing something quality that when somebody stumble upon it,they will at least. The least I bet,get to learn something from it. Instead of just you know,blogging for the sake of blogging. If you get what I am talking.

I shall now not drown you with words. If pictures you're asking for,there you go.



Pictures were taken during Mother's Day. Had a great night spent with my family members. Well,I should really appreciate moments like this because hardly we'll have a chance right? Because eventually,everyone leave us. I just have to suck up with that fact.



I have this habit of not throwing away my ballet shoes since the day I starting wearing pointe shoes. Which back then,I was 10 years old. So here are my little collection of stinky ballet shoes. I know they are such a waste of space. Neglect that alone,these are the only evidences how far I've sailed through. Talking about giving up,I should no doubt die with my guilt. Picture above,can cost my parents over thousand Ringgit Malaysia. No joke about a pair of pointe shoes. Just like branded high heels you're getting. The most expensive pair I got was about 300 over bucks. I kid you not,really. :) you shall do the calculation your own now.

More random shots without any meaning related to today's post. 





As you can see I am a little fans of Jodi Picoult. Dare not I say big fans because I don't own most of her books. But I've got about 5 of hers only. Now you know the reason why I'd rather spend my time reading/put myself into fantasy instead of blogging or even,making videos. I know. :B excuse me. I've always have a thing with books. Really. Which explain I got that amount of books in two days time. I'd really love to purchase more. But I know I'll go over my limits. I have to think of money wise too right? ;)

That's all for now. All that I can think of to update all my thoughts into one post. Oh btw,recently I am into.

Series: Vampire Diaries. (I'm a slow poke but who cares? :P )
Korean drama: Love Rain. Gosh,it's a must watch! :DD
Books: Jodi Picoult,Nicholas Sparks,Sophie Kinsella. They are my all time favourite authors since few years back anyways.

Til then,take care. ;)

Vanessa :)


  1. I couldn't agree more! Some people just look through photos in your blog and asked question which you obviously wrote down in the post alrdy -__- they didn't even take an effort to read le sigh omg I love jodi picoult's books too, read two of her books. I've been wannting to read the sister's keeper! I've read Nicholas Sparks' as well, and Cecelia Ahern's and maybe you can try reading Dorothy Koomson's books too :D

    1. HAHA! That is so true of you, Hilda! Some people do like that! :)

  2. Couldn't agree more. Seriously, blog is to express one self eh? Nhow, I have never read Jodi Picoult's books but I would... if I have time. I am still stuck on Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook. :D

  3. They are more viewers than readers =( I'm stuck on HP Lovecraft because apparently, based on an online writing analysis, my style is similar to his, a male dead science fiction writer o__O"

  4. I also kept all my ballet shoes!!! But I don't know if my mom threw them away LOL....
    I see new Jodi Picoult books!!! I'm going to borrow from you when I go home k?