Sunday, April 8, 2012

Of updates & things you've missed.


Good day readers! I know I blogged nothing on the month of April,& I did break my promise to blog every weekends/whenever I have the time to because fact is,I am really really busy. I know,I know I am giving excuses but I am caught up with revisions plus homework lately,therefore I couldn't managed to find a time to blog. Sincerely,my apology. D: First semester exam is coming in less than a month,I don't know I repeated this for how many times but yeah,I am freaking out as you may not know. It feels like all my revisions aren't sufficient. Is it normal to feel that way? I don't know. Definitely not something I want to feel because I wanna feel confident & prepared. Gaaah.

Anyways,I know I barely blogged on the month of March/these few weeks. To make it up to you,I am summing things up I've been through,I hope you enjoy. Please try to enjoy,if you don't? lol. :P

#1: Visited Chemistry lab more often,doing experiments likeaboss already. :D

#2: Finally got our lab coats,but hadn't snap any shots yet. In the future I will,I promise. :)

#3: Pretty much being a good girl when I wasn't around. Spent some time doing revisions plus homework,what do you expect? :B

#4: Deal with annoying people,& I wonder why people like them even existed. -.-'

#5: First time doing online shopping,& waiting for my pieces to arrived. Pretty much excited.

#6: Being a dumbass who doesn't know how to deal with the atm card,& my debit card got stuck in the machine & I have to purchase a new one. Freaking 25 bucks for a dumb lesson. D:

#7: I finally got a brand new air cond. I am sleeping in so much peace every nights. I love it. <3

#8: On the end of the month,I realised my clean freak sickness is getting serious. I can't tolerate myself being stinky,have to smell good like 24/7,things in my room must be in order & I am changing towels more frequently. I know,I know I am having such a bad habit over here.

& I hope I didn't missed anything out? By referring back to point number #4,I realised every freaking years I am dealing with people who has annoying characteristics. Is it only me,or what? Which I don't think so. Sometimes,I'd wished people like them just burn in hell/rot & die. To create less problems for others/increase the oxygen. lol. I am sorry for being mean but yeah,people like they them really gets onto my nerves.

Ps: See,they just made me had a terrible grammatical error over there. :P

For instance,people who doesn't have the rights to speak/say a single word,but it's how funny they are the ones who speaks the most. Terrible isn't it? & I'll be like: bitch please,I didn't say a single word. You sure you are talking? Look who's talking? Seriously?! Urghh,pfft. -.-'

Other than annoying people,my life is so far so good. I think? I really think so,guaaa.

Vanessa,good life,eh? LIKE THIS?!


By starring at this picture,not really good life already I think. Gaaah,just saying. I am more than willing to settle them up for the rest of my 13 months. Burn them in hell & rot with them. lol. :P Or probably,a good life. LIKE THIS?!



This,much better. :B Til then,I'll be back to blog whenever I am free. I don't want to make empty promises. I know how it feels like when others break their promises,& I can NEVER tolerate people like that. They are as annoying as hell. If you don't bother keeping,shut up in the first place. So anyways,with that I shall not promise you readers anything. But one thing for sure,I'll update whenever I am free. Keep your hopes high,please. Ngehehe. ;) Just saying,but please do. lol. I am crapping already,something is wrong with me liao

Have a nice day & take care yo! Weather izzz crazily hot,you need water. Defo. <3

Vanessa :)


  1. wokayyyy im keeping my hope high! =D
    waiting for your update! =p

    btw those thick books....! =S

  2. whoops! lab coat! can't wait to see u wearing it! =P

  3. Referring to #4, I would say you're definitely not the only one facing such issues babe. The only thing to do, is to care less about them and care more about you yourself and the people who are worth to be cared of. Because the fact is that you ARE going to have things like this every single year, and maybe every single month / week / day. Who knows? Life is good anyway. Just live it happily! :D

  4. Henry Tan: okaaays,you should surely keep your hopes high. Trying my best not to crash your dreams. :P yeap yeap,I know. By admiring at those books I can daaaai peacefully. D:

    Xue Ren: hehh. Alright,I'll snap a few shots very soon. Doctor wannabe. :B

    Jiamin: It feels like you've encountered this & pretty experienced,eh? (: thanks dear,for the words. You really made me feel better & more positive to handle these in the future. <3

  5. Well, I'm pretty sure there are some more experienced people out there. What I've experienced has been going on for months to be honest, and now that the main LOSER (as in losing everything in terms of friends and benefits after creating all the dramas) has gone, life has gotten so much better and brighter. It makes me realize that really, it's not worth it to be upset over one person who only approaches you for advantages. Cheer! :)