Friday, April 20, 2012

Little ballet outfit photoshoot.

Good day readers! ;)

Decided to do a little photoshoot for myself with a ballet outfit.

Story behind: I am bringing in my ballet students for their ballet assessment this coming Monday. I am pretty excited/worried at the same time because nobody knows what will happen during the assessment & stuff like that. Especially having a lady from the European country,I hope those little kids of mine won't freaked out. As an assessment teacher,I am suppose to conduct the class & make it more like a class than an exam environment. How tough? Wish me luck? :B




There,the last shot. My current profile picture for both my Twitter & Facebook. Fyi,I did this little shoot by stacking up my thick asses A-level past year questions as my 'camera stand'. I know what you're thinking but isn't it a creative way? :P Anyhoo,have a nice day everyone.

Vanessa :)